This post is dedicated to Lurky, the Baby Murloc.. Special pet, coming exclusively with wow Burning Crusade Collector Edition.

  • I based my work on the Wowhead 3D modele viewer.

In the gallery you will be able to follow the work progress of this miniature. You can see on this gallery test of texture and paint job.

About the technical Side, this figurine was released with Kato Ployclay, this is a Japanese special polymer product, and I dry it step by step. As usual for this kind of stuff, I started with legs, drying them and doing the same for arms, gills and backbone. I assembled the whole on the body; you can see that specific step in the gallery below. Body and tail was released in on step.

The major difficulty for this realization was balance of it. I successfully managed it and the figurine is stabilized on its legs.

The step tow was the paint job, and it wasn’t my preferred part, I’m not really efficient with brushes and paint. I exclusively use Humbrol Acrylic via “lavis” method. You can count around 10 different layers.

I let you discover the gallery with the final picture make by my soulmate.

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WIP Photo by Myself

Complete Photo By

Yours truly,



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